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Create a Meal


Create a new meal near you, near where you’re headed, or somewhere in the middle of your group.

You can have your friends deciding in minutes!

Join the Meal with Friends


Send the link out to however many friends you want! No sign up required.

Vote on Places to Go


Anyone who joins gets to decide quickly on restaurants in the neighborhood.

Just select Yum, Maybe, or No!

Head to your place


Once everyone has voted, EatUps will tally it all up and make a decision! All you have to do is meet up, and eat up!

Own A Restaurant?

We’re rapidly expanding and want to let you customize how your restaurant shows up on EatUps. Features will be available soon for your to add menus and specials, customize images, and more!

Enter your email and we’ll contact you with more information on this program when it becomes available.

How It Works

EatUps works a little differently than the normal restaurant review apps that you’ve used in the past. Instead of endlessly searching through long reviews, or trying to find something on a menu that everyone in your group will tolerate, EatUps gathers all the open restaurants in the part of town you select, and gives them a quick view into what each of those restaurants is like. Then, quickly select “Yum”, “Maybe”, or “No” and move on. Once everyone has finished, a notification is sent with where to go!

It’s that simple. There’s no account creation, no logging in, no unnecessary advertisements, just you and the ones you love, finding the restaurants nearby you will all enjoy faster and without the hassle.

We’re making updates all the time, so we hope you’ll check back in with us often!

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